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When is the best time to fish?
 Early in the season, usually April, the Brown Trout or “football” can be found in close. This short, stocky fish will fool you as it is quite powerful and will give you a run for your money! Still early, starting in May and on through June, the popular Coho Salmon arrives in great numbers. Coho have the fastest action and keep the deck jumping with multiple strikes and lots of double hitter action! July through August is sure to bring you a mixed bag. The Chinook (King) Salmon, known for its’ impressive size and fight, and the Rainbow Trout join the group. The Rainbow is known for dancing on the water as though entertaining their adversaries. At the end of the charter fishing season, September through October, the eldest of the Kings come in to head upriver to spawn. These 4-year-olds offer a fierce fight, tiring even the most macho anglers! Bring your friends and cameras, as netting one of these fish also nets “bragging rights!”
No matter when you go, or what your catching, you won't be disappointed with your fishing from the Port of Sheboygan!
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